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This is the beauty of living in Vermont. But it's also rugged, frigid, unforgiving. We learn to respect the climate and the weather because there is just no retreat from it. On the coldest, darkest days of winter we're stacking wood, shoveling driveways, stoking woodstoves. During the hottest days of summer we're weeding gardens, raking yards, harvesting vegetables. We don't hibernate, we greet the weather head on.





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Vermont Crafted

Snipe Ireland skincare products are handcrafted right here in the heart of Vermont. I started making my products out of a need for skin care specific to our cold dry winters and I tailor them to meet the needs of those of us who live here in the northeast.

All of my products are made from scratch which adds a quality not found in commercially made items. I use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and hand-pour all of my soaps, creams, scrubs and lip balms in small batches to ensure that you are getting the freshest possible product.  

Affordability is also really important to me. Using premium, natural handmade soaps, creams and lip balms shouldn’t have to cost a fortune so I try to keep costs down as low as possible without making sacrifices. I want to offer you the highest quality products at the best prices that I can. 




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SociallY ResponsibilE

As a business we have a responsibility to contribute positively to the communities that support us. 10% of all our sales are donated to local organizations working to end domestic violence.




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Upcoming Shows 

Aug 2, 2019 | Spruce Peak Artisan Market Stowe VT (11am - 3pm)

Aug 16, 2019 | Spruce Peak Artisan Market Stowe VT (11am - 3pm)

Aug 30, 2019 | Spruce Peak Artisan Market Stowe VT (11am - 3pm)

Oct 5,6, 2019  |  21st Annual Autumn Craft Festival Meredith NH

Oct 12,13, 2019  |  Apples and Crafts, Woodstock, VT

Oct 12, 2019   |  CVU Craft Fair, Hinesburg, VT

Nov 1,2, 2019  |  National Life Craft Fair, Montpelier, VT

Nov 30, Dec 1, 2019   |  Greater Barre Craft Guild Holiday Craft Show, Barre, VT

Dec 7, 2019  |  Richmond Holiday Market, Richmond, VT

Dec 7,8, 2019 |  Manchester NH

Dec 2019  |  Gifts Galore Craft Fair, Richmond, VT